Shellac Conversion Chart
by p-johnson

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    I am refinishing an old school house desk I found at the local dump.   My finish wil be shellac.   Before I mix it, I always have to check my conversion table.   I thought I would share it with others.   I have found it invaluable.

    Cut / Usage guidelines...

  • For pre-conditioning wood to control blotching
          use a 1/2# cut or a 1# cut.
          Sand lightly if you use the 1# cut.

  • For a sanding sealer/primer use a 1# cut.

  • For sealing a stain prior to overcoating
          use a 1# or 1/2# cut.

  • General brushing use a 2# cut.

  • Howie.........
    Howard Acheson

    Howard Acheson

    Now the question.

    You have a quart of 2# cut and you need to make a 1# cut.   How much alcohol do you add?

    Joe Lyddon & blstraub

    Looks like 32 oz. to me...


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