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    Well, after Joe Lyddon became interested in woodworking again, since late Jr. High school, he began taking notes on things that interested him and placed them on his Personal/non-public web page so he would have a nice simple place to refer... his collection of information, pictures, etc.

    As it grew and got bigger & bigger, he realized, that it wouldn't take much to make it public so that others could also benefit from his collection.

    So, he did just that!   Made it public!

    At first, it was being Served on his personal FREE site which turned out to be very unreliable and slow.

    In August of 2004, a brand new site was started with it's own domain name "WoodworkStuff.net", etc. It was faster and much more reliable.   Although it was not FREE anymore, it was felt that it was worth the extra expense and peace of mind to have a good working new site.

    Joe became an Affiliate of Rockler, Hartville Tool, & Amazon to help pay for the extra cost of maintaining the site.

    After just one month, disk space and bandwidth had to be doubled to handle the load; doubling the cost as well.

    If just everyone of you requested a New Rockler catalog, you would be surprised how much that would help the cause!   And, it's just a click away... and it's FREE!

    If you visit an affiliate from our website and actually BUY something, there is a small sales commission generated to also help the cause.   I used to have ads on every page which apparently gave it more of a Business appearance that I did not want.   I put ALL of the ads onto one separate page and just linked to it...   I only run ads that I think you would be interested in...   If I'm interested, you will probably be interested.

    Whatever you do, it's appreciated...

    The main objective is to have a site that contains good solid information...   things to inspire, and educate, etc.!

    It is hoped that you will enjoy looking at the site and visit as long as you want!

    In July of 2006, I renewed my domain name "WoodworkStuff.net".   On August 10, I got the message that my domain name had NOT been renewed.   After an impossible experience with Public Domain Registry and Spiderhosts, I had to get a New domain name and hosting service in order to keep it going; www.WoodworkstuffByJoe.net.   It costs a lot more that it did before, but we're still here!   Hope you appreciate it.

    On August 19, 2006, it was found that the old site, all of a sudden WORKS!!   This was a complete surprise to me!

    I was instructed to try transferring the domain name again...   (didn't think it would work)...   I tried & lo & behold, it did work!   It hinged on Spiderhosts giving final authorization for the transfer to be made.   To my surprise, they gave it and my original domain name, that I never thought I'd have again, had been transferred!   Godaddy helped quite a bit getting the Original Name activated!

    We are now back and running as the original www.WoodworkStuff.net!!

    Sorry for any confusion this may have caused you... it was a horrifying experience for me.

    Enjoy and have fun,
    Joe Lyddon

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    Do you like this website?

    It is a non-profit website.

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    Thank you, Joe