Mixing glue (shellac)with
sawdust for filler

by Tommy_Joe

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  • Mixing glue (shellac)with
    sawdust for filler


    I've heard of the technique of mixing glue with sawdust for use as a filler.

    I presume this would be to obtain a "more stainable" filler.

    Can anyone tell me how well this works, the kind of glue, etc?



    The Solution:

  • The glue will distort the stain color and leave a blotching look to that area.

  • I got a tip from a Professional Finisher that I've been using for over a year now and it works great.

  • It's also easy and stain will work well with this.

  • Take a piece of scrap from the project and sand it with 120 on the ROS or Belt Sander and trap the dust generated.   Get a good enough pile.

  • Pour that dust into a paper bowl.

  • In a separate bowl, pour some Shellac.

  • Start off with a small amount.

  • Wear gloves and start puting some of the sawdust into the Shellac and use your fingers to mix it.

  • Keep adding dust and/or Shellac til you get a soft ball.

  • A little softer than the wood fillers in a can.   (Working the mix will evaporate the alcohol in the Shellac which will start that ball to dry.)

  • When you get that soft ball, take a little bit and fill the area that needs it.

  • Work it in pushing it into the area.

  • It's OK if it's a little proud of the wood surface.

  • You can sand it later when it dries.

  • Let it sit overnight, sand it smooth, and you're ready to stain.

  • Works everytime for me.


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