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  • Jigs & Tools... Crosscut Sleds, Tips, Jigs, Miter Sleds, good ideas, etc.

  • Finishing Related... General, Shellac, Rude & Crude, Poly, Rubbout

  • Unusual Projects... Woven doors, Super bowl, Knipfer, awesome

  • Lighting Tips... Under cabinet lighting.

  • Fun Projects... Kids, Chairs, Boxes, Gifts, Benches, Tables.

  • Inspirational Links... Dream places... July 2016 click to find out...

  • Forums... for more Information & help.

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  • Guide to Choosing Concealed Hinges.

  • Photo-Aid... Learn how to take pictures.

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  • In Memoriam... TJRON, Ron Duncan, awesome work.

  • Health Corner... Links to healthy stuff.

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