Band Saw table,
resaw, log cutting sled.

By Mark Marzluf

Well...   after dealing with the undersized BS table for a year,   I decided it was time to make something bigger.

I think   24 X 24   should do... :)

But,   I was also having problems with the shorter fence for taller resawing projects,   and hanging on to small logs while slicing them up so I made this sliding,   adjustable fence.   It has holes in it so I can screw a log on and slice away..

The distance to the blade is easy to adjust with the knobs in the back.   Then just slide the fence closer or further away.

I still need to work on the table track so I can adjust for drift - but for now this blade is tracking well and isn't giving me any problems..

I'm sure it's going to be one of those things that doesn't get worked on until I actually have an issue - but for now it's working great.   Even just as a larger table surface.

This is how the BS Table is currently mounted.   One of these brackets on each side.

Probably not how I'll keep it -   because I want to make sure it's square to the factory table each time I put it on without making all kinds of checks -   so I'll send you a new pic once I get it changed...   For now though - this works just fine.

Coments welcome...

retiredmech,   03/13/04   07:49 AM
Great design.   Necessity is the mother of invention (or modification). What blade manufacturer are you using?

MMarzluf,   03/13/04   08:13 AM

Several differnt blades in the arsinal actually....

Timberwolf,   Woodcraft bands,   and Olson.   Want to try a lennox blade - but haven't ordered one yet.

Joe Lyddon,   03/13/04   08:53 AM
Hey, that looks pretty slick!

Is that Melamine you made it out of?

Is that a Grizzly G0555 14" er?

I have a G0555 but I have not tried to resaw much more than abt   4"   so far... I like the present table / fence setup.

Have FUN,

WoodChucker,   03/13/04   09:19 AM
Great idea,   I was just looking at a jig like that and it cost well over 100 bucks,   I just might have to borrow your idea and save some money.   Thanks for sharing!


MMarzluf,   03/13/04   10:19 AM
Yes - it's all melamine.   A couple T-tracks from Rockler and a couple T-bolts / knobs...   that's it.

Oh...   and a couple of the hold down clamps to hold it on the BS..

Don't get me wrong,   I like the table and fence that came with my G0555,   just that sometimes I need the bigger table surface for support.   The fence rails are still attached,   and removing the new table only takes seconds.   I only use it when I've got larger pieces / logs to work on..

I've pushed my BS to it's limits with the riser block..   and resawn up to   11-1/2"   with it.   No problems...

Just that every once in a while - every tool can use a few jigs.   Right?

dan-imal,   03/13/04   02:14 PM
Very,   very nice.   I've got some new ideas to work off of now.
thanks very much.


Joe Lyddon,   03/13/04   03:16 PM

Very good!

I have the riser block but have not installed it yet...   glad it can handle the job OK!

I like your Band Saw table as well as your jig!

If I have your permission,   I'd like to grab your writeup and place it on my Page.


Thank you,

Joe Lyddon,   03/13/04   03:32 PM

Do you think you could show a picture on how your Table is mounted to the Band saw?

It would make it a little clearer.

Thank you,

MMarzluf,   03/13/04   04:08 PM
Sure Joe...

Might be later this evening though...

I'm at home with our 7 month old today while LOML works so my time is limited...

John Fry,   03/13/04   04:33 PM
Nice job. It looks like a great design.   I've never resawn any logs,   but have seen jigs for doing so,   and I think yours is better than any I've seen.

What kind of logs are you slicing?

P.S.   Hey Mark,   I see your using Picturetrail now.   Did those rascals at Imagestation finally bust you too?


retiredmech,   03/13/04   04:43 PM
Do you prefer one over the other for resawing.   I have been using a vermont and was considering trying an olson or timberwolf just to see the difference.   I resaw up to about   5"   and haven't had any problems except the speed is pretty slow on the hard stuff.

I have heard nothing but good raves on the Timberwolf,   but not a lot on the Olson.   Is the Lennox supposed to be any better than the others or are you just curious?


MMarzluf,   03/13/04   06:26 PM
Thanks guys!

Currently sawing up some wild cherry,   Maple,   and a little Oak..   Mostly for turning - but may slice off some small boards for drying..

Not a huge difference between the different blades I use..   At least nothing huge.   I like to use the Timberwolfs for resawing,   and mostly use a 3/16" olson for small radius curves..

I want to try one of the Lennox Carbide blades just to see if they last long as long as they advertise..

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