Hey look what I did with my scraps - Kids Chair
By Mike Smith, Ravenswood

My last two projects were built out of maple plywood.

I had accumulated too much scrap.

I used almost all the leftovers to make these infant chairs.

It feels good to clean out the shop (my garage) and put the scrap to good use.

I copied the design from Community Playthings .

They have these chairs at my son's daycare.
So I just traced the outline on some construction paper.

Hope this helps with the dimensions.
I took out my protractor and looks like the pitch to the seat back is about 97 degrees.

All joinery is dadoes reinforced with glue and
1-1/4"   #6 woodscrews.

And the final test is made by Cohen Smith...   Appears to have been approved!

dc112675:   Wow, and all this time I thought I was making good use of my scraps by throwing them into the Wood-burning stove in the winter.

Joe Lyddon:   That is really simple and COOL!!   Sure beats having the stuff laying around taking up space doesn't it?   ... and you can tell someone really likes it!!   I'd like to add it to my collection if you don't mind... (?)   Could've been a small stool also...

Ravenswood:   You mean you're posting my work on the Joe Lyddon website?   Awesome!   Yes, please go ahead.   Thanks.

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