How did I learn to make
hand cut Dovetails?

by Dave Knipfer

Well ....   I'll give you a straight answer from my experience ....

I've incorporated the hand-cut d'tail into my reporitoire of joints because I had the desire to do so .....   just like you do.

I taught myself to hand-cut d'tails by applying the
"Three P's" of any hand tool skill ......  
Paitence,   Practice and   Perservience.

Reading your list ....   I say you are missing two things ....   a vise to hold the parts and a good book that explains the technique for you ....   the book is in place of a local teacher to stand next to you.

I would highly recommened to you the best book written for folks who want to learn how to cut d'tails without a teacher .....   it's the one I learned from ....  
"The Complete Dovetail"   by Ian Kirby,  
Cambium Press,   ISBN 0-9643999-9-7.

Kirby's book is the best substitute I found for an experienced teacher .....   what that book,   your tools and some commitment on your part ....   well ....

You'll soon be making d'tails that are worthy of boasting about .....

Truly .....   if you have the desire and a little paitence ......   along with those tools you listed ....   you'll be just fine.

Show us some photos of the first joint you are proud of!


Edit for bobham .....   I use a coping saw all the time to remove the waste from my L-N sawed d'tail joints ....   even the ones with tiny pins ....   I just start the coping saw cut in the center of the waste and cut both directions .....   until I reach that thin kerf on both sides.

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