Straightline Edging Boards Jig
by Gary Zahn

I've seen a number of jigs woodworkers have built to put a straight edge on a board so I thought I'd post a few pictures of my version.

I built it out of
  • 3/4 ply left over from a cabinet job and a
  • 3' piece of   t-track from Rocklers.
  • It's
  • 18" x 8'
  • and can handle pretty much any size board you can clamp on it.   Works great.

  • only as heavy as 1/2 sheet of 3/4" plywood so it's not too bad.
  • Once the sleds on the table saw and the roller there's no weight at all.

  • The featherboards...
  • keep the sled tight to the fence...
  • That way,
  • no knicks in the straight edge.
  • I don't have a guide in the miter slot cause I'd have to make an 8' dado in my outfeed table.
  • They really help keep the jig stable and up against the fence.
  • I tried it a few times without them and I wasn't very happy with the results.

  • One modification I'm going to make is to have
  • another adjustable hold down about 3" from the front of the jig and
  • another 3" from the back.
  • I've found that boards have a tendancy to "chatter" when they're not held down properly.

  • The stiffener...
  • plywood and rests on top of the main sled.
  • I glued it and screwed it together
  • countersinking the screws so they wouldn't interfere with sliding on the table top.

  • Thanks for lookin'


    I was going to use an old piece of
  • 1x12 for the sled and probably about
  • 4' long (8' is a little long for me).

  • Do you think that would work OK?

    Have fun,


  • As far as your jig being 4' all
  • depends on the length of the board your going to try and put a straight edge on.
  • I buy all my lumber rough cut and mill it down to size.
  • The lumber yard charges me too much to straightline edge one side of the board so...
  • I do it myself.

  • If the end of the board is too far from a hold down clamp you may get some chatter
  • which in turn can ding up an edge.
  • So anything hanging over the end of the jig just might need a little extra touchup on a jointer afterwards.

  • Gary


    OK with you if I add this jig to my collection?

    Thank you,


    I PM'd you.   But ya, I'd be honored to have my jig in your collection.


    Straightline edging boards............(Pics)

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