Wide Panel Clamp
By Walter

Because of the thinner boards, the problem seems to be multiplied.

The edges are square, but the boards themselves being soft in nature tend to cup under pressure.

I made this temporary jig and it's working great.

Don't let the "apple press" look make you laugh, it's only for 2-5 lbs of pressure or just enough to prevent the cupping.

It's all I could come up with in short order.

The board (next to the clamp handle) slides in a cut track under the table to clamp any size from 20.5" to 0".

There are square markings on one side to make sure the boards are squared up before clamping.

I'll be making a larger one soon and will spend more time on it. I used 3/4" birch plywood for most of the jig.

The size of this jig can be according to the users need.

I drilled and mounted a second hole in the press board to use for smaller panels.

If you need anymore info (text) I'll be glad to help.

These drawings were made on "powerpoint" so I had to transfer the format to .bmp, so if they aren't clear, let me know.



Press Handle Detail.

Side & Top Views.

Front View.

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