A Dedicated Shopmade Mortising Jig
by Aaron Gustafson

Pictures of a dedicated mortising jig along with some Questions and Answers.   This is not intended to be a "Copy it as it is" project.   It's purpose is to give you some ideas so you can solve your own problems.

Top View...
Q.   The Hole... For what purpose?
A.   To rest the router.

The mortise slot.
Q.   With a 3/4" bushing, does it fit flush into the slot so that it can only go back & forth for the mortise?
A.   Yes snug

Q.   How long is the slot and what length of mortise does it cut?
3/8" x ??
A.   About 1 3/8" it doesn't matter.   You make it for the type of projects you will mostly do and make your own tenon stock.   I use the same species of wood as the project.

Q.   Is the top something like linoleum on top of ply?
A.   The top is a scrap piece of hard board paneling so it wears long

Side View...
The knob on the Right...
Q.   Is there one on the other side?
A.   Yes

Q.   What does it do?
A.   The top slides for and aft to center the mortise on the work.   The knobs tighten it in place

Q.   Does the Top slide left & right (as in the picture) and the knob tightens it down?
A.   You got it

The knob set (2) on the Left...
Q.   Does the workpiece go between the knob and the ply as well as just inside of the ply panel in center?
Q.   Springs on the other side of the ply pushing to help hold the workpiece in place?
A.   The work piece goes against the main vertical frame and against the top.   It gets clamped in by the pressure knobs.   The springs hold the pressure piece out to simplify loading

Q.   Turn knobs counterclockwise to move the ply against the center panel?
A.   Yes

Q.   What is the maximum width of a workpiece?
A.   About 6" but you can also remove the knobs and use "C" clamps to hold wider work

Q.   What is the maximum thickness of a workpiece?
A.   About 2 1/8"

Q.   To make a mortise longer than the current slot, can you just slide the workpiece over and cut an extension?
A.   That would work

Q.   I guess you clamp it to a table/bench top?
A.   I clamp it to my cross cut table and slide the hoses into the RAS port.   Leaves no mess

Q.   What are those carriage bolts used for?
A.   The bottom bolts hold the clamp board parallel to the work so it holds better

Q.   Do you have any drawings or sketches to make it clearer on dimensions and usage?
A.   No.   I just designed as I went and if I thought of a better way I modified or remade

Q.   Do you have different patterns that are mounted somehow for different mortises?
A.   That's a good idea but I haven't had the need for any others yet

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