The Woven Door
Made by Lancia Brothers Woodworking and Fixtures
in St. Louis, Mo.
Reported By Matt Malinee (mals)
October 2005

These are pics of one leaf of a 6'x 9' pair of entry doors being built for a restaurant in St. Louis.   They are solid mahogany.

This is one side of the door.   The other side will have a matching weave with frosted glass between.

The long pieces are band sawed fom a single board and the small pieces are lapped to the back, glued, and screwed.   They will get a BLO (Boiled Linseed Oil) finish and a 12" long round crystal pull.

It will be nice to see them hung...

Stay tuned!

Finished Pictures!

Looking out...

Finished Pictures!

Closer ups...

Finished Pictures!

I think they got a Handle on this job! :)

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