Cutting Large Circles
on Table Saw

by ruffcutt

Cutting circles on the table saw is my preferred way of cutting large circles.   I have use the band saw method, the router method the jig saw method but find I like the table saw method the best.

The table saw method like Clint says is a little slow and it is a little messy (lots of dust)
  • but it gives you a perfect circle with finished edges you don't even have to sand.

  • I make all my lazy-susan disk on the tables saw.   Over the years I have made quite a few circles on the table saw and no way do if find it scary or un-safe.   Like in table saw operation you have to pay attention to what you are doing.

    I must say
  • I have never done this with something as thick as 1-3/4.
  • If I were I would rough out the circle with band saw or jig saw staying away of the finished line by a 1/4" inch or so and
  • then cut on the table saw.
  • To cut circles on the table, I first attach a false table on the left hand side of the table saw blade.

  • draw a line perpendicular from the center of the blade on the false tabletop.
  • On that line measure over from the blade 1/2 the distance of the diameter of the circle and
  • place a pin or nail thru the stock,
  • this is your pivot point.
  • With the table saw blade below the table
  • turn on the saw and then
  • raise the blade just about an 1/8" at a time and
  • spin the stock unit you get thru the material.

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