The last Cherry Etagere
by TJRon, Ron Duncan

The OLD one:

Etagere: a piece of furniture with open shelves for displaying small ornaments OR (in my words), A minimal shelf unit.

My wife decided it was time to get rid of her three pieces of brass furniture.   She also wanted an extra shelf on her etagere (I just hate that word).   I said OK, I could make it out of any wood of her choice as long as I didn't have to stain it.

I finished the first piece and she had it in the house as the shellac was drying.
The NEW one...

I always admired the design of the old piece so I copied it as much as possible.   I added three shelves for a total of thirteen.

The shelves are 3/4" x 3/4" M&T together and dadoed to accept the glass shelves.

They are then M&T into the 3/4" x 1 1/2" uprights.

I didn't glue the center shelves or top round ornamental into the center section.

The center shelves M&Ts have a screw into the tenon from behind to hold it together.

It's pretty huge and may have to come apart some day.

I wanted the simplist finish possible. BLO and orange shellac.

I bought a Delta morticer for the 108 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/2" deep mortices.   I started doing them by hand but I was getting blisters and my wife was not happy with my progress.   I love that machine!

Any one need a brass etagere with no glass?

My wife is the one that declares other boxes, etc. that I have made, "Keepers".

Most will be gone at Christmas.   I have lots of grandkids.
Making those tops was new to me.

I felt having a tight horizontal grain was important for some reason (?) so I chose to glue up a bunch of 8/4 stock so the side grain would prevail.
I cut this block into 1 1/2" pieces so I could cut it close with the band saw and use a template (like I saw you do) and shape them on the router.   I even bought a Amana trim bit to handle 1 1/2" stock but the bit was dull (a POS IMO).

I ended up just cutting them on the bandsaw and sanding to the line.

There sure was a lot of waste doing it this way!
I think the next time I'll try making a press and gluing up strips.
And yes, there was a lot more time consuming detail than I figured on.

Four-Wheeling Fatality

August 25, 2004   A man is dead after a rollover accident that happened in the Coral Sand Dunes near Hurricane.

The incident happened last evening while two men were camping and four-wheeling at the dunes.   A Washington County Sheriff's spokesman said that the man was thrown from a jeep when it failed to climb a dune, and instead flipped and rolled.   Ron Duncan was alive when his friend ran for help, but when he returned Duncan had no pulse.   The investigation of the crash is ongoing by the Washington County Sheriff's Department.

-=- Originally posted by Joe Dillard -=-
I spoke with April again a few minutes ago.   At her wishes Yes she has read this entire thread, she was hoping I could clarify just a few things about the articals & rumors.

Ron and I WERE NOT at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes when the accident occured!   The sand dunes is where we left our tow vehicals.

We were in the Caanan Mountain Trail area, in Washington County, south western Utah.   We were 2+ hours trail drive from the dunes on the opposite side of the access road (west and south) of the dunes.

The accident DID NOT happen at night like some articals mention.   It happened approx 5:30-6:00PM Utah time Tuesday.   There was probably at least 3 hours of daylight left after the accident occured.   There are also other inaccurate reports being made.   In the state of mind I was in - I didn't keep close track of time.   My priority was for Ron & anything I could do to comfort my friend and help him in any way I could.

April takes great pleasure in the support she has seen and read here.   She especially enjoyed seeing the pictures from those who have shared them.   It means more to her than she could explain.

My most Warmest Regards go out to April, the Duncan Family, and Rons friends.

08/30/04 01:04 PM
From: WoodNet_Manager
I received this message today:


My name is April Duncan.   I am wife of Ron Duncan, forum name TJRon.   I just somehow want to notify Ron's wonderful WoodNet friends that he passed away on August 24 in a jeep accident in Southern Utah while on a overnight camp trip with a good jeeping friend.   I have never posted on one of his many forums, so don't know how.

Ron enjoyed this forum so very much and was constantly showing me pictures of the beautiful creations by many of your members - always trying to figure out and amazed by how they did things.   I always considered him to be a master designer and craftsman.   He loved wood and designing and creating beautiful things, and he loved sharing his creations on this forum.   This forum gave him so much pleasure these past months.   I just wish your members could have met him in person.   He was a wonderful, funny, and amazing man.

Jeeping with Ron!

Just Jeeping up the road...

On top of the World...

TJRon at work on Pritchett Canyon in Moab '03

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