A Collection of Boxes
By The Multitude
July 2004

Puck - Jesse Silver - My Padauk and Birdseye maple card box!
Puck, Jesse Silver

This is the first thing I made for somebody else (I charged $1 so I could say it was commisioned).   Overall, my fifth project, I think...

I charged $1 for the labor, but I agreed to build it on the terms that he pay for materials.

With the Padauk, the Birdseye Maple, the brass hinges ($30+ by themselves) , I actually had to charge him about $100.   So don't go thinking I'll sell you 30 of them for $30.

The picture with the coins on top was taken at the wedding of the person I built it for.   He needed a card box (for all of the guests to put their cards in).   Although the picture looks staged, it wasn't.   The coins on the top had some symbolic value during the ceremony, but are in no way attached to the box...   they're just sitting there.   The box lid doesn't have a handle, as such, but there is a deep groove on the front lip which allows you to get your fingers under the front bottom of the lid.

Box is solid Padauk.

Top is plywood laminated with Birdseye Maple in my home-made vacuum press.

Inside is lined with Spanish Cedar for a softer feel and nicer smell.

Keys in miters are Maple.

The box has a footprint of approx 10" by 8".

The hinges are nice, aren't they?   They are a new item from Rockler and these are the heavy duty version with the stop built in.   There is a hole drilled in the side pieces for that hinge stop to sit in when the box is closed.   A pain in the ass to drill, actually, because it has to be at an angle.

The corners are beveled at a 45 degree angle, and the front lip is also beveled.   Each of these reveals end-grain (which was the goal, as well as making the corners not quite as sharp, as well as revealing the Maple keys a bit more).   The end grain absorbs more finish so, they're darker.

It's finished with the David Marks special 1 coat of Seal a Cell and then 3 coats of Arm-r-Seal.

Joe, you can add it to your collections if you want, and I'd be honored.   My name is Jesse Silver in case you want that to credit it.

To be honest, I had a hard time parting with it since it's my best piece yet.   And my first piece that I used my vacuum press for.

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