A Collection of Boxes
By The Multitude
July 2004

Mark Valsi - Box for a friend's mom.
Mark Valsi

I got invited to a Birthday Party for a friend's mom (81) so I quick like put this together.

I didn't think it was all that great, but my wife said it was one of my top 5!!

(we don't agree on art or wood work)

So here it is.

Walnut, with a home made inlay on the front, and a maple inlay on the top.   I cut the sides on the table saw, and then sanded it out so it is now rounded off.

Danish oil finish, spray on poly (DEFT) and wax.

Construction notes:
Used the table saw to cut the rabetts for the lid and the bottom.   Tipped the blade over to "round" off the sides.

Used a jig on the table saw to cut the slants on the top.

Actually, I didn't even use the router on this project.

It was very easy to do, and fast, and by gosh, it turned out fine!

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