A Collection of Boxes
By The Multitude
July 2004

Buty - Band Saw Box assortment w/ const. & finishing notes.

This is my first attempt at band saw boxes.   They are not my design.   I saw a picture of one, printed it out, glued it to my work piece and started cutting.   They are about 4" tall and 8 1/2" long each.   The Sycamore came from a tree in my father's yard in Louisiana.   His wife insisted that he send me a log to work with.   Man, that log sat in my shop for a couple of years before it dried out and I was able to think of something to do with it.

The pulls are made of Redheart and Black Walnut.   The finish is Tung oil: First coat thinned then subsequent coats are straight from can.

I did learn a lot about Sycamore though and in hindsight, I wish I had the whole tree now.   It was not until I finished the first box that I realized such a thing as quarter-sawn Sycamore.   As I cut the first box and looked inside, I noticed the grain was beautiful.   After some research about quarter-sawn wood, I was able quarter saw the log and orient the quilted pattern to the front of the boxes on the second and third box, which I think made a big difference.

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