A Collection of Boxes
By The Multitude
July 2004

chazmonro - Box from reclaimed lumber - 1st one.

Hey guys thanks for posting pics of your boxes.   Today was my wifes birthday so I went into the shop and made her a keepsake box.   This is my first box, what do you think?

I made it out of of some drawer sides that I salvaged from an old dresser I found in my gramps basement.   I didn't have room for the dresser and it was coated in lead paint, so it got trashed, but I salvaged what I could.

Anyway, the box is super simple, I think its popler wood or maybe pine, but the green in it tends to make me think poplar, am I right?

I love the aged look, its got wipe on poly for the finish.

Thanks for looking,

This image has an original drawer side in it to show what I started with.


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