A Collection of Boxes
By The Multitude
July 2004

TJRON - Part 2 - Round Moon Box w/Const. notes.
TJRON. . . Continued...

I Glued up some scrap wood (turned out it was teak) to practice making a cylinder on the lathe (I'm a noobie with the lathe).

When I was done playing (screwing up), I decided to cut the cylinder into thirds and make a box out of it.

The tops have to come off one @ time:

The round box:

I cut the octagon pieces with a router bit.

I bought a set some years ago from Jesada to cut up to twelve sided miters.

For me it's the only way to go to get perfect miters every time.

I turned the octagon on the lathe and then cut it into thirds.

I then cut chunks out of two of the circles and glued them up.

I wrapped sand paper on the full circle and used it to sand the sides to fit.

I cut dovetails in scrap and glued them in so the lids stay in place with sliding dovetails.

This was very problemic as my cylinder was not very concentric after my amateur lathe work.

I'm good at persevering so it worked out.

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