Wood to Ground Protection TIP
By Rick LoDico

What wood for Adirondack chairs to stay on grass?

I'd like to build some Adirondack chairs for my front yard that will sit on grass and get hit by sprinklers daily.

I don't want to fork out big bucks for Teak or Cypress so Cedar or Redwood come to mind.

Any thoughts?

Rick LoDico
Another little trick you can use, regardless of whatever type wood you end up using, is to epoxy the points where the chair touches the ground.

This will prevent the wood from wicking up moisture.

Terre Hooks:
I second what Rick said. I've been recommending that for awhile.

Not just with chairs, but any outdoor project you might build - poolside/grill cart, table, etc., where end grain is exposed / in contact with the ground/concrete/wood.

Mix up some epoxy and apply it to the end grain to prevent the wood from wicking up moisture.

Joe Lyddon
What is your favorite type of epoxy to use for this purpose?

Terre Hooks:
Seeing how I haven't invested in any of that expensive stuff, I've always just used some 5-minute stuff I've had laying around.

Of course, you could order up some "System 3" to have on hand for this and other stuff.

You just want to seal up the endgrain.

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