Shop made Hold Downs / Push Blocks
by The Multitude
May 2007

The next time you go to HomeDepot / Lowes,

  • look at the shelf lining, it's the same stuff they sell for router pads (at Rockler) (the ones you and I use to keep the stock from moving around when you use the plunge router on the work bench)
  • it comes in many colors and
  • in a roll about 6' - 8' long and about 2' wide and
  • you can get it for about 3.oo bucks per. roll.
  • It also works great in the tool boxes for lining bottoms of the drawers.
  • Then with a bit of 3M spray glue you have a great push block...
  • I now have it on all my push/hold down blocks and it works great.

  • Bj


    Hi Guys,

  • Light bulb went off in my noggin when I saw the price for some of those fancy hold downs.
  • I took an old mouse pad and
  • cut it to fit on a scrap piece of 3/4.
  • Glued the pad to the block,
  • put a handle on it and
  • there was a hold down push block for no cost.
  • Lots of companies & banks give those pads away as advertising, so if you don't mind looking at a commercial when you push wood, here is a way to go.

  • JoeZ

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