Litany of Errors
Super Bowl

By Bob Hamilton


I have been making a few more of the lidded bowls like the one I made from the blank Ken Smith sent me.   I have been using some pieces of black walnut and bird's eye maple that I had.   Some have been more successful than others....

This one looks good from the outside, but the lid was actually turned for another bowl and I inadvertently got it too small.   So on this one I was making the bowl to fit the lid.

So far, so good, but I was also trying a new way of chucking the blank to try to reduce the number of jaw changes I had to make on my scroll chuck.   Using the #1 jaws it was necessary to make the chuck recess in the bowl bottom a bit deeper than I usually do with the #2 jaws, and when hollowing the bowl I found the hole from the wrong side.

Normally that is a fatal error but I decided to try to save this one by inlaying a patch.   There is no point in trying to hide it, though, so I made the patch out of maple.

I glued the patch in and finished turning the bowl.   It may look deliberate from the top, but the bottom view makes it obvious what happened.

Oh, well, just something to watch out for the next one!

Take care

Thanks one and all for the kind comments.
I appreciate the encouragement.

Dave, I would love to swap.
The next one I get right is yours.

Take care

It's Square...
... it's Round...
... it's hollow...
... it's holy...
It's the Super Bowl!

Great job Bob!

Thank you for sharing!

(I sent you an email)

Have fun,
Follow up... 8-03-04

A refined Pictured Step by Step of the complete procedure!

Thank you Bob Hamilton for a great project and presentation!

Have fun,

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