Disposable Kerfmaker... Make and Use
By Rance
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January 2012

Well, yes, the Kerf Maker is a very clever jig.
I have a different take on its manufacture.
I can’t see any reason to have several, NO, Wait…
Why not make them DISPOSABLE? :)
I had a need to use one today so why not make one.
Here it is:

I used a stick of about 1/2” square pine.
Yeah, Pine(or is that Poplar?).
And some double sided tape.
Cut the stick in half.
(I’m kinda protective of my tape... Can ya tell?)

Then stick both halves together with the tape.

Trim both ends flush.

Now set up to cut a kerf, but only cut through one stick.

Somewhere close to one end.

Now un-stick the long end and open up that kerf to gauge the piece to work with.

And stick it back in place.
(Be sure to get a tight fit here)
Looks like I need more practice with this new camera.
Better next time. :)

Now set up to make the first cut.

Flip the jig around and cut the 2nd end of the kerf.

Now nibble out the middle.

A perfect fit on the first try. No sneaking up.

This one works for me.
- Not much to look at, but very functional.
- I can build (and calibrate) one in 120 seconds from wood in the scrap bin in ANY shop I work in.
- It doesn’t cost a cent.
- It makes great kindling.
- And after you build your fire, it doesn’t take up ANY room in the tool chest.


Thank you very much for giving me permission to post your Disposable Kerfmaker writeup from LumberJocks.com to my website.
You have done a Fantastic job in figuring this out!

Joe Lyddon

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