Making a Custom Lazy Susan
By BrianM
April 12, 2004

BrianM,   04/12/04   09:48 AM
Here are some photos of the fifteen I made in Nov-Dec. 2003.
After gluing,  I set up a jig for the bandsaw and cut them out.
I used a center hole that lined up every step up to the mounting of the Rockler hardware.

Here is the sanding set up.

Here they are with Watco finish.

...And, finally done.

The Rockler hardware is great and offers lots of sizes and weight loads for many applications.

Good Luck.


Joe Lyddon,   04/12/04   03:38 PM
Hey BrianM,

What size are those table tops anyway?!

They look GREAT!

What size of Bearing did you use for them?

Thank you & have fun,

BrianM,   04/13/04   08:03 AM
I think they were about 14" across.

I used the   5-6" bearing   from Rockler.

I can't remember what material I used.

It seems like they were $3-4 per bearing.

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