A Great WW Day for Me!
December 20, 2003
By David Knipfer

A Great WW Day for Me!

Well ....   I'm heading off to the rack ...   but first I had to write and share my joy for the blessings I had from my WW today ....

First, in my mailbox was my subscription copy of FWW ....   issue #168, and yep...   right there again was a photo of one of MY creations in the Current Work section...   who ever would have guessed that a regular fella like me could have ever done that?

Then, at sundown .....   my family lit the second nights Hanukkah candles in one of my own hand-made wood Menorah .....

Then, checking my e-mail tonight ....   a gallery customer mailed to tell me that she had sold a box of mine called   "Pisces"   ....   thats a $750 creation...   and that she will pay me by year end!

It was a great WW day for me ....   even without a minute in the shop.

Happy Holidays,

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