Finishing of Fine Small Boxes
Part 6

By David Knipfer

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General Views on Finishing Small Boxes.

From vicia
DaveK, Duane wants to know what oil, and how many coats you would use?   He has used tung oil on a couple of small projects.

Always open for suggestions, as we are pretty new to all of this.

Thank you for all of your kind comments.


From daveknipfer
OK Vicki ...   since Duane asked ....   here are my thoughts .....   errr ...   the longer version if you'll forgive me for expounding on the subject....

I personally believe that the goal in finishing any project should be to protect the wood from 'normal use' hazards while preserving as much as possible the natural colors and textures of the timber.

Now ....   that said .....   I agree with the choice of polyurethane or lacquer on a tabletop ....   that use needs the protection ...   regardless of how much the finish obscures the texture of the wood.

However ....   that lovely little box that Duane made is not going to have many hot roasted turkeys sitting on top of it ....   so in my view of finishing polyurethane is not the appropriate choice.

IMHO .....   the finish of choice for elegant boxes is a natural oil finish ......   there are many to choose from.

Oil finishes do not build a film on the surface ...   they penetrate into the timber and leave the natural texture undisturbed.

By and large they also leave the natural colors undisturbed ....   although I will admit that oil on very light toned woods like Holly or Maple tends to yellow them somewhat.

Soooo ...   what oil you say?

Well .....   if you are starting out in oil finishing then try a pint of Watco "natural" oil .....   by all means buy the 'natural' ...   the rest are oil mixed with stain that will change the color of the wood.

Flood the wood with a coat ....   wait 10 minutes and wipe off the excess ....   check it every few hours for 'weeping' (especially on an open pore wood like that red oak) ..... wait 24 hours and do it again.

You and Duane will love the look of oil finished wood ......   it just glows with a soft sheen and ...   most importantly ....   it LOOKS and FEELS like natural wood .....   and I say that is the name of the game.

Finally .....   remember that oil soaked rags are a hazard ...   they can self-combust if you crumple them into a pile .....   you MUST have the discipline to spread you oil finishing rags out over the edge of a garbage can until thet cure .....   or else stick with Poly!

I hope that helps you .... show some more photos.



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