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By David Knipfer

Well .....   I know in my heart that I am years away from achieving this level .....   but I just applied to the 23rd Annual Smithsonian Craft Show.   It cost me $50 just to apply ...   not counting the cost of professional photo slides!

They call themselves the   "Finest exhibition and sale of contemporay craft in the world."

Last year there were 1800 applicants for 120 slots in the show ...   which is held in the Smithsonian Museum's National Building Museum in Washington, DC.

Anyways .....   here are digital scans of my 5 jury slides ...   in the same order the jury will see them .....




"Cambium Cabinet"


Anything there catch your eye??

Cross your fingers for me ....   at the worst I can say that I have at least been rejected by the best.



It's Official ....   I'm Rejected by the Best

posted 11-17-2003

I got the letter in the mail today from the Smithsonian Institution.

It said .....   "The jurors had the extremely difficult task of selecting 120 exhibitors from the talented group of over 1,100 applicants.   We regret that you were not among the 120 finalists."

Well .....   I told myself when I applied a month ago that it was a long shot...   but I am a little disapointed because it would have been such a blast to be there.

But not discouraged ....   I know that my work is heading in the proper direction as I grow and learn .....   I'll just take this rejection as additional motivation to show them what I have next year!

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words and encouragement.


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