'Royal Morning Glory' Jewelry Box
By Jerry Cousins

Hello everyone.

Here is a recently completed jewelry box.

  • Approx 10" x 12".

  • The box is Aniegre.

  • The stock was cut so that the grain pattern is continuous around the entire box.

  • The veneers are cut to 5/64's

  • Each piece is cut individually on a
    7 degree slant.

  • Using a Hegner scrollsaw.

  • The marquetry top is veneered to
    3/8 Baltic Birch.

  • Background is Sycamore.

  • The front interior section has a full length cut for holding rings.

  • Leaves and stems are Poplar.

  • Petals are Purple Heart & Holly.

  • Would imagine (guess) that the actual cutting of the flower work took 5-6 hours.

  • I don't usually work on a piece all the way through, without stopping for other stuff.

  • The Finish is Shellac & Wax.

  • I have been doing marquetry for about 3+ years.

  • Went to Krenov's School for a course.

  • Thanks for looking,

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