White Powder,
After Sanding Poly

with Howard Acheson

After sanding Minwax rub-on Poly down to a satin finish, I have white powder on the surface of the wood.

No matter how much I wipe with mineral spirits, the powder still appears; is there a better way to get rid of this?

I am using a green scotch pad; probably too coarse, that's why the powder.

Tried 0000 wool, too slow for me.

Something I'll never do again is rub out to a satin finish.
I'll just use a satin finish for the final coat!
Sanding is just too much of a drag...

  • Green scotchbrite is definately too couse for "finishing the finish".

  • Gray is the one to use.

  • The white has no real abrasive and is best for applying wax.

  • You must vacuum off the dust before you attempt to wipe it off.

  • All you are doing if you don't vacuum first is spreading the dust around which becomes powder again as soon as the mineral spirits evaporates.

  • There is too much dust for the rag to get it all if you don't remove almost all of it by some other means.

  • The process of rubbing out to a satin finish starts with 400 W&D paper on a sanding block.

  • Then go to a grey scotchbrite pad with either mineral oil or paste wax as a lubricant.

  • Use both the sandpaper and the pad going with the grain of the wood.

  • Beware that thinning a full strength satin finish to 50/50, for your final finish, will allow the flatteners to quickly fall out of suspension. You must keep stirring the finish and even then, you may end up with a streaky looking finish.

  • I do not recommend blowing dust off a project unless you have a separate finishing room.

  • Using compressed air will cause the dust to become airborne and it will surely come to rest on your nice wet finish.

  • It should be an objective to lessen the dust suspended in the air, not contribute to it.

  • This is the best use for your air cleaner.

  • Finish sanding.
  • Vacuum off the dust.
  • Get your finishing materials out.
  • Leave the area for a couple of hours.
  • Change clothes.
  • Go back into the area trying not to raise any dust.
  • Now wipe off the project with a rag dampened with mineral spirits.
  • Get to finishing.
  • Again leave the area until the finish is no longer tacky.

  • Howie.........

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