Wipe on Varnish over Lacquer?
by Howard Acheson

Question:   TexJer
I really like the look of some wipe on varnish I used on a small box.   BUT, due to lack of patience/time (mostly time) I was wondering if I could shoot a coat of Deft on my next couple of boxes, let it dry, rub down with 400 grit, then do a couple coats of the wipe on varnish.   That way I could save a couple of days waiting for the wipe on to dry.   Seems like it takes the wipe on at least 2 coats on walnut before it "fills" enough to develop the shine I want.

BTW, I'm using Arm-R-Seal brand wipe on.

Next time I'll mix my own.....   but this is what I've got to use for now.

Thanks, Jer

Answer:   Howard Acheson
Tex, yes you can put varnish over dried lacquer providing the lacquer is dry and you scuff coat the lacquer with 320 or 400 sandpaper.

But, let me make this suggestion.
Why not just continue with the lacquer?   Lacquer makes for an arguably nicer finish.   It can be sanded flat and polished to a higher degree than varnish.   From a color point of view, the varnish may be a little more yellow but if the varnish is put over a lacquer, it will do nothing to highlight or "pop" the grain.   You can easily add some amber dye to the lacquer to cause it to look the same as a varnish.

For small boxes, I use lacquer all the time.


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