Fun Puzzle / brain teaser
By Gail of Hometown Woodworking

Hi,   I got this great brain teaser from a woodworking book.....   took about   5   minutes to make.

The object of the game is to get one of the beads to the other side.   The hole in the middle is smaller than the size of the beads.   The board is about   6 inches   long and the string is about   30-35"   long.   You need this much to be able to work it.

The result is:

You can use any bead or homemade thing - wheel,   or square anything really,   BUT the hole in the middle must be smaller.   That's the criteria.

If anyone tries it and you want the solution,   let me know.

(my second grader,   Meaghan,   got it after a few tries).

I got the puzzle from the book Percy Blandford's Favorite Woodworking Projects by   Percy Blandford   -TAB Books,   Blue Ridge Summit,   PA Copyright 1992

Have fun!!

Gail from America's Hometown

Oh,   come on...   you guys aren't even going to try?   Good coffee table game.   My husband had trouble with it when he came home from work...   he said he would wait until morning and try again.

You will have to give it a few days and then I will give the answer,   but it is hard to explain unless you have one in front of you.

The Solution is:

LQ,   02-26-2004   06:43 PM
Solved it!
But don't think I can explain it?

1.   Put the beads from the big loops to above the small loop   (between the small loop and the hole).

2.   Pull the small loop backwards to the backside and push it through the hole.

3.   Now you can mowe one bead to the other side.

4.   Push back the small loop and move it to the front.

5.   Move the beads from the position between the small loop and the hole to the big loop (one of them).

Hope this was understandable?


Gail,   02-26-2004   06:59 PM
Sounds like it!

The center loop is called the Larks Head.

Get it?

Gail from America's Hometown

Gail,   02-26-2004   07:04 PM
Pull the Larks Head forward.

Pass one bead through the Larks Head.

Grab the two center strings   (that are in the hole)

Pull them until the loops come through the hole.
...and pass the bead through.

Ta Da, Walla, Bingo!

Gail from America's Hometown

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