Making Unique Flat Panel Doors
By David Barbee
August 2005

  •   I have made 50+ of these doors and
  •   people seem to love'm.
  •   They are very low tech.

  •   The door is built much like a picture frame.
  •   The frame made up of 2 1/4" boards.
  •   Just put the frame together with whatever joint you want (biscuit, m&t, half lap, etc...).
  •   Then I use a rabbeting bit cut a 3/8 deep by 3/8 wide rabbet along the whole inside of the frame.
  •   This is where the plywood panel will go.
  •   Then I use a 3/8 chamfer bit and champher the front inside of the frame Stopping before I get to the corners.
  •   Then just roundover the outside edge.
  •   I take a piece of 1/4 ply and round the courners to match the inside of my door.
  •   You can just glue and tack it in with a brad.
  •   I use a 22 gauge stapler.

  •   As far as joints, the ones in the picture are biscuit joints (double #0).
  •   They seem plenty strong,
  •   if you glue your panel, it will help distribute the racking, another advantage.
  •   I think a half lap would be fine but I would probably stop the lap about 3/8 shy of the edge of the door so you wouldn't see end grain on the sides of the door.

  •   If I were going to do this any differently
  •   I would probably use a loose tenon.

  •   A buddy of mine gave me the ideal for these doors.
  •   He was a refinisher for 30 yrs.
  •   He said he saw them on some old antiques.

  •   For whatever reason poeple seem to like them.
  •   I think because its just different.
  •   People may be getting bored with raised panels.

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    David B.

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