High Gloss Pour-On
Epoxy Finish

by Gary

I used a
  • 2 part expoxy system on a table top this past summer,

  • FAMOWOOD was the name, from local big box store.

  • I have purchased the Famowood at Lowes and Home Depot. HD offered the kit in two sizes:
  • Small: Each part=16oz. (32 ounces after mixing).
  • Large: Each part=32 oz (64 ounces after mixing).

  • The table is 3' x 5' and we used a large kit and about 1/3 of a small kit.
  • We used one of those thick plastic gallon size paint containers found in the paint department, for mixing.
  • We made one mix consisting of a large kit and a small kit knowing we would not need the entire mix.

  • 2)  Use a disposable plastic spreader / scraper to spread the product on your surface immediately after the pour.
  • 3)  Wear a pair of latex gloves to protect your skin
  • 4)  You have to build a dam around the edges prior to your pour.   The blue painters tape works pretty good.
  • 5)  Make sure the top surface is level, since this is a self leveling product.
    If top is not level you will have a thicker build on one side as opposed to the other.
  • 6)  Place a disposable drop cloth beneath your project in case the dam leaks, if you are not careful, the whole pour could wind up on the floor, yes this is experience speaking!
  • 7)  For the first 30 minutes after the pour you will need to keep an eye on the surface, small tiny air bubbles could come to the surface, they are easily popped by blowing gently across them, I used my wife's hair dry on the lowest setting.
  • 8)  When mixing product stir gently to avoid creating air bubbles
  • 9)  Be prepared to work quickly, this stuff sets fast
  • 10)  Mix in a good container, this stuff will melt a 16 oz. plastic drink cup, experience again!

  • The upside:
  • 1)   Table top looks like I have 100 coats of poly on it after just 1 pour
  • 2)  Easy to work with

  • The downside:
  • 1)  When you remove the dam there will be very sharp edges that require sanding or rounding over.
    This leaves your clear coat very frosty looking.
    The fix is simple but time consuming, wet sand with 1500 grit until smooth and then finish using white and then blue pumice sticks, if I remember correctly blue is finer than white.
  • 2)  If the product turns loose from the wood due to mainly moisture or possible wood movement etc. the spot will be very visible.

  • I have used this application several more times and will contiue to do so as projects require.

  • Please practice on scrap wood prior to applying to actual piece.

  • Gary

    The table is 3' x 5' and we used a
    large kit and about 1/3 of a small kit.


    Note to Joe:
    Feel free to reproduce my information on your website, it is intended to help others learn from my mistakes although the information is not represented as an guarantee to be fool proof and thank you for asking.

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