Award Winning Artist#2,
Dave Knipfer

June 21, 2004

Well...   there is no way that I can convey this story without sounding to some of you like a horrible egotistical braggart.

Soooo...   fair warning...   this is a story about a little box that did very well...   and I am very proud of her.

Those of you who know me hopefully understand that I am not self-centered...   those who don't know me have to form their own opinions.   But this story is very joyous to me and I am pleased to share the joy with you all.

Anyways...   I spent the previous weekend exhibiting my creations at the 4th Annual "Arts Alive" Festival in Ocean City, MD.

This was a juried 'fine art' show that had 110 exhibitors...   the vast majority of which were artist types...   paintings, photography, glass sculpture, etc.

I was one of only three accepted entires in the "Fine Wood" category...   so once again I'm setting up my sales booth wondering just what in the heck a dust covered WW is doing hanging out with all these true artists.

This show had a unique twist to me...   they had hired a team of three 'professional visual artists' (real painters) to judge the work actually being exhibited.

The judges had two missions...   find the work that did not meet the show standards and be sure those folks did not come back...   and also find the few select individual pieces of work that were well done to award prizes to.

Anyways...   the judges came by my booth three times on Saturday...   always muttering to themselves.

I figured that they were having some problems with a WW hanging out in their 'art' show...   and that I was soon going to get the pink slip for next year.

Near closing time on Saturday the lead judge came to my booth...   this is it I figured...   and he told me to bring my box "Pisces" to the Artist Reception area for further judging.

Well...   to make a long story much shorter...   at the Artist Reception that evening "Pisces" was awarded the "Best of Show", and I was handed a prize check for $2,000...   yep...   thats right...   2000 clams!

Geepers...   I wish you all could have been there to see the pride on my face for that old chestnut design I call "Pisces"...   and the look of utter chagrin on the face of many of my fellow artist.

I am very proud of Pisces for her showing...   and very pleased to relate this story to you all...

I sold her the next day...   my last Pisces...   maybe one more?

Thanks for allowing me to share this gloat.

I still can't believe my good fortune.


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