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June 5, 2004

Having some Fun with the "Artists"

06-04-2004 07:37 PM

Well...   I've been hanging out selling my boxes at these   "Art Festivals"   for a few years now and have discovered that most of the folks there are...   well...   artists.

You know the look...   they have silver gelatin multi-plex photos for sale, or maybe watercolors of nature scenes...   artists.

IMHO there are two defining characteristics that seperate the   'artists'   from craftsmen like me at these shows...   they all wear the   "I'm the Artist"   badge around their necks, and they all have an   "About the Artist"   sign hanging up in ther display.

Personally...   I throw the badge away and don't bother with the sign...   until now.

Tomorrow, I'm going to have some 'tongue in cheek' fun with the 'artists'.

I'm selling my wares this weekend at the annual   "Frederick Festival of the Arts"...   and just for fun I'm going to have this laminated sign hanging up in my booth...   just like my   'artist'   buddies.

Let me know what you think of my sign.

About the Woodworker
(somewhat tongue in cheek)

"A b o u t     t h e     W o o d w o r k e r"

David Charles Knipfer is the world's finest woodworker.   His works are in the permanent collections of the Louvre, Smithsonian Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art.   He was recognized as "Woodworker of the Century" in 1999, and has been awarded 16 Presidential Gold Medals for Craft Excellence.

A true Renaissance Man, Knipfer is a completely self-taught woodworker.   He acquired his tremendous design skills by taking apart natural objects, hence discovering how they work.   In addition to his woodworking talents, Knipfer is also an accomplished Classical Guitarist and holds two Engineering Degrees.

At a younger age, Knipfer taught Sam Maloof how to make chairs, and also instructed James Krenov on the finer points of cabinet design.   He was commissioned to re-model the Taj Mahal, and is currently on assignment to build a suite of furniture for the Oval Office.

Following his induction into the Major League Baseball Hall-of-Fame, Knipfer was the Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World, but relinquished this title in order to attend the 2002 Summer Olympic Games.   There he won Gold Medals in both the 100-meter dash and the 100-meter freestyle swim, giving him dual titles as the world's fastest human on both land and water.   He is now in training for a solo attempt at the world's 7 highest mountain peaks.

Knipfer works out of his 47,000 square foot shop in Ellicott City, MD, where he owns every tool ever created and they are always clean, sharp and in tune.   A flock of little elves come out at night to sand and finish the days work, as well as sweep the floors.

He maintains an inventory of over 1 million board feet of exotic lumber, every species in the world, from 1/8" thru 4" thick, all kiln dried and nicely organized.   He built for his wife Judy and son Cody custom Rolls Royce replicas made entirely out of wood, although Cody still needs a license before he can drive his.

Knipfer sells his elegant wood boxes for about $23,754 each, although prices are negotiable for bulk purchases.   Interested parties can contact him via e-mail at .


Well...   I'm home now from my weekend of selling boxes at the   "Frederick Festival of the Arts"...   and I placed my new   "About the Woodworker"   sign in the very front of my booth where everyone had to see it.

Truly...   I am not a mean person...   but I had a very lovely time watching the faces of my fellow   'artists'   as they came by to see what this   'dust-covered craftsman'   was all about...   and then the saw the SIGN.

Soooo...   to their collective credit...   the vast majority of my fellow   'artist'   exhibitors had a big chuckle at the sign...   mentioned something about having to embelish their own   'artist statements'   with the appropriate lies and shook my hand on the way out.

A few...   less the 5 total...   informed me in no uncertain terms that they felt I did not understand the serious nature of the artistic business and that   'artist statements'   like mine were an affront to their calling in life.

Anyways...   this morning the Executive Committee of the   "Frederick Festival of the Arts"   came by my booth and presented me with the   "Washington Post Award of Excellence"   as judged based on my body of work on exhibit.

Along with a HUGE ribbon, I got a $300 check and a free, no jury booth for next years show.

They also snapped a photo of my handsome beaming face for publication in the Washington Post.

A part of my spirit is now wondering if those few annoyed   'artists'   are looking for beginning WW books.

To them...   I say...   look at the ribbon and go :)

You just gotta love it when it goes that way.

aka   "Award Winning Artist"

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